The Perfect Brow​


and Powder Brows

Micoblading is a form of cosmetic tattooing. With this form of tattooing fine hair like strokes are placed into the brow that create a fuller  and darker looking eyebrow lasting 

9-18 months. One of the advantages of microblading is that once it fades away you can change color, shape and density of your brow or leave them in their natural state. A microblading service takes place in 2 parts. The first appointment takes approximately 3 hours and 6 weeks later a touch-up to fine tune and fill in areas for your best brow.

Microblading Hair Strokes 1 session + 1 touch-up:


Full filled in powdered looking brows +1 touch-up:  $300.00 

Yearly Up Keep $250.00 within 14 mos. of your original service.

Eyebrow Design and 

Eyebrow Upkeep

Eyebrow design takes into account your facial shape your natural brow growth patter to reveal your natural brow beauty.  

Brow Upkeep is recommended every 4-6 weeks to keep brows neat and tidy. Combines waxing and tweezing.

Eyebrow Design: $40.00

Eyebrow Upkeep: $20.00

Eyebrow Upkeep with  lash touch-up, $15.00

Eyebrow Henna

Using natural Henna to tint not only the  eyebrows but the skin under the brows as well creating your choice of a soft or bold powdered in look.  Perfect for weddings, vacations or  special weekends.  Henna tint lasts 4-6 weeks on brow hair and 5-7 days on skin. skin tints gently fades away.

Henna Brow Treatment: $45.00  

Eyebrow Tinting

Want more noticeable brows?  If your brows are blonde, Light or graying  you  can benefit from brow tinting.  Similar to hair dye this solution is made specifially for use on the eyelash and eyebrows. Available in many colors including, middle blonde, natural,  light brown, honey brown, red brown, brown, dark brown and very black.  

20 minute procedure with results that last 4-6 weeks  20.00

When a brow tint is combined with an eyelash tint $ 35.00