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Lash Questions and Answers

What are eyelash extensions and how are they applied?

     Eyelash extensions are synthetic lashes made of a light weight polyester material. These "lashes" are made to look like your own natural lashes. They create increased length and fullness. Extensions are available in many different lengths, curls and thicknesses. The proper length and size is determined for each client by their lash stylist and multiple sizes are used for each client and are applied to your natural lashes one by one.

Who is authorized to apply Eyelash Extensions in Colorado?

    In Colorado you must be a Licensed Cosmotologist or a Licensed Esthetician to apply eyelash products of any kind. Nail Technicians, Massage Therapists and RNs are not authorized to apply lashes unless they also hold and Esthetician or Cosmetology license. All of Colorado Lash Company's Stylists are licensed by the State of Colorado.

Why won't you see me if I have lashes that are applied by another lash specialist?

         Many times the lashes are stuck together and/or much too long for the health of your natural lash. We would feel obligated to correct any such problems but would not have time to do so in a touch-up time slot. Also, usually they require removal to minimize any damage. It is rare to see lashes from stylists that meet our strict standards.

Why do lash extensions cost so much?

     Eyelash Extensions, when applied properly, is a very intricate time consuming practice that requires a high level of skill and attention to detail. The products that we use at Colorado Lash Co. are only of the highest quality and are very costly. It takes a lot of practice and time to master the art of eyelash application. We at Colorado Lash Co. have priced ourselves as competitively as possible for the amount of training and experience, quality of application and quality of products used. We charge approximately half of similar lash only studios in Denver.

Are lashes attached to the skin?

     No, lash extensions are individually attached to your own natural lashes. One by one. They are attached approximately 1/2-1 mm away from the eyelid on the natural eyelash.

Why doesn't Colorado Lash Co. use "REAL" Mink Lashes?

     Real Mink lashes are artificially curled then sprayed with chemicals to hold a curl and increase their diameter.  Much like when you style your hair in the mornings. With heat, water and steam they lose their curl and their beauty. Authentic Mink lashes are also available in only one thickness which limits our style choices. Most important, we can never verify the humane treatment of the animals these "lashes" are harvested from.

Do you use a "medical" adhesive?

    Yes, generally we do. That being said you have to ask why this is important. Medical grade refers to the purity of the ingredients used in the adhesive. Not the safety. Eyelash extension adhesive is not going on or into the body therefore the importance of purity is definitely over rated and mostly used as a marketing ploy. Consumers often confuse purity with safety. It the case of eyelash extensions, the ingredients in eyelash extension adhesives are all considers irritants.

This is why it is important to have lashes applied 1/2-1 mm away from the base of the lashes and allow for proper drying along with balancing the correct amount of adhesive for maximum bonding but minimum irritation.

     Again, this is where proper application training is important. Also, following all aftercare instructions. Colorado Lash Company strives to use the longest lasting, most natural feeling and flexible adhesives available even if this means they are not medical grade.

Can everyone wear lash extensions?

     No unfortunately not. If you are very sensitive to adhesives such as medical tape, or glue for acrylic nails or hair dye you are most likely not a good candidate for lash extensions.

Also, if you have difficutly with your thyroid and have thin,brittle hair and nails due to thyroid problems then lashes are most likely not a good choice for you.

Just a note here, we can only apply lash extensions to the lashes you already have to make them thicker and longer.

How long do lash extensions last?

     Usually 2-5 weeks. So much depends on the client care routine. We can apply extensions and create a beautiful appearance but if your do not do your part in protecting our work they will cost more and look less beautiful than they should. The better your home care the longer the lash extensions will last and the better they will look in between re-lash appointments.

Lashes grow from the follicle, mature and then fall out. Most people do not realize that the their natural lashes fall out continuously. They constantly shed and replace themselves that is why with proper applications you can wear lash extensions for years and not need a break. We recommend 2-4 week re-lash appointments to keep lashes looking good all the time. Most of our clients return at the 3 week time for their re-lash appointments. This is a 60-75 minute appointment. Again, this varies depending on number of lashes you have, life style, your lash growth pattern and most importantly home care.