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The Artists Behind Every Beautiful Lash and Brow

Our independent lash and brow artists at Colorado Lash Company have undergone a series of trainings and hold various certifications in the industry. They are dedicated to giving you individualized services in a private, quiet, and clean environment at our studio in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

We have been in the lash and brow business longer than any other studio in Southern Colorado. Jancina, our owner, is one of the most experienced lash artists in the state. With us, you can expect nothing but excellent services.

Colorado Lash Artist-JANC​INA

All women deserve beautiful lashes. Those lashes should be fun, slightly flirty and always pretty.  People should wonder, not know you're wearing extensions.  That is how I feel about lash extensions.  Never fake or gaudy looking. They should never hurt or be heavy feeling.  

After years of applying lashes to hundreds of women, I have found that women wear lashes for many reasons  and it is rarely to impress others.  Usually to save time, and avoid the hassle of smearing and smudging mascara or to feel extra pretty at an important function or event.  An hour cat nap every 3 weeks has never hurt either.  

I never thought of lash extensions as a career, that was my mother's suggestion. After years in the Ophthalmology field and an Esthetician it was the next logical step and I have loved it.  I love the instant results, that eye opening effect, how pretty women feel when they look in the mirror for that first time. 

Contact Jancina: 719-649-9955 

Colorado Lash Artist-Bree

Although the military originally brought my family to Colorado we decided to make it our home. I fell in love with the atmosphere, the openly holistic vibe of Colorado natives, and the lifestyle that is promoted. Being a military wife, I wanted a career that was versatile with skills I could take with me wherever my family could possibly find ourselves. With all this in mind I took a leap of faith and decided to become a Lash Artist. I found this career challenged me in all the ways I had hoped. 

Being here with Colorado Lash Company, I've been given the opportunity to grow and perfect my work. It's lead me to meet so many wonderful strong women. I'm thrilled to be apart of my clients lashing experience and always find it rewarding to hear their enthusiasm once they see themselves for the first time. Lashes should give you a little extra happiness and make a women feel fresh faced and confident. Let's make those lash dreams come true!

Bree is available for Evening and Weekend Appointments. 

Click schedule appointment button above for an appointment with Bree or Contact her @ 719-465-3501

Colorado Lash Artist -Jessica

I have been an Esthetician for a little over 3 years. Two years ago I got  curious about lashes. I had them applied and I instantly fell in love with them.  

Helping to give someone confidence with a set of beautiful lashes makes my day.  Everyone deserves to feel beautiful.  It makes me feel really good to be able to give someone that extra spark while keeping the lashes natural and classy.  

I also love giving my clients a relaxing and comfortable environment to take a time out to do something for themselves.  It has definitely become my passion.

Click schedule appointment button above for an appointment with Jessica or Contact Jessica directly @ 719-201-6981

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Jessica: (719) 201-6981

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