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Meet our Lash & Brow Artists​


The Artist Behind Every Beautiful Lash and Brow

  We are  dedicated to giving you individualized services in a professional, quiet, and clean environment at our studio in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Our office has been in the lash and brow business longer than any other studio in Southern Colorado. Our owner, Jancina is one of the most experienced lash stylists in the state with 17 years of experience. With us, you can expect nothing but excellent services and  a kind and helpful staff.  We are a fully licensed business by the State of Colorado. All of our Lash Artists are Colorado Licensed Estheticians and Certified by national and international lash training programs.

Colorado Lash Artist-Jancina

Every woman deserves beautiful lashes. Those lashes should be fun, slightly flirty and always pretty.  People should wonder, not know you're wearing extensions.  That is how I feel about lash extensions.  Never fake or gaudy looking. They should never hurt or be heavy feeling.  .  

I never thought of lash extensions as a career, that was my mother's suggestion. After years in the Ophthalmology field and an Esthetician,  a lash studio was the next logical step and I have loved it.  I love the instant results, that eye opening effect, how pretty women feel when they look in the mirror for that first time. 

My goal is to help you look and feel more feminine and beautiful. Help rid you of that messy, time consuming morning routine.

Book with Jancina with the button above.  Questions? Give her a call or text directly at 719-649-9955

Location: 1235 Lake Plaza Drive, Suite 130 Colorado Springs 

Colorado Lash Artist: Hali​

Hali has been applying lashes since 2016.  Lash Artistry allows her to show her creativity.  She has been certified by 2 of the best lash training programs in the business.  In her spare time Hali teaches classical guitar, click on "book appointment" to schedule with Hali or contact Hail directly by phone or text at:  763-350-8763

Affiliate Lash Artist-Jessica

The first time I saw lash extensions applied while I was in Esthetician school and I was intrigued. I took my first course and new that this is what I wanted to do. I love the way lash extensions make my clients feel about themselves and how happy they are about the way the lashes look on them. It also saves them time everyday. Eyelashes should fit the person. Look like they belong on your face, not like they have been added. For me is is satisfying and instant gratification. I am so glad to be able to do this work. I have met so many wonderful women and we have a great time too!

Contact Jessica directly call/text: 719-201-6981

Location: North Central C/S: 6165 Lehman Drive, Suite 109

Colorado Springs, CO 80918

To book an appointment with Jessica click this link below:

Contact Us:

Office Phone: 719-465-3501

Email: [email protected]

Jancina: 719-649-9955

1235 Lake Plaza Drive, Suite 130

Colorado Springs, CO 80906

Independent affiliate Lash Artist:

Jessica: 719-201-6981

6165 Lehman Drive

Suite 109

Colorado Springs, CO  80918


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