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Every Woman Deserves Great Lashes​ an​d Brows


Say Goodbye to Tiresome Morning Beauty Routines

We believe that every woman deserves great lashes, (and brows).   Lashes that help them to feel feminine and more beautiful.  Lashes that help save them time, effort and minimize frustration.  Wether it is eyelash extensions, Lash Lifting or Lash Tinting, at Colorado Lash Company lashes are our crazy little obsession. 

Are you tired of applying mascara every morning? Perhaps your routine goes like this: you apply the mascara, it smears on your face, you remove it, and then you reapply it. You probably even use two tubes: one for length and one for fullness.

Or maybe you use lash strips. You cut, trim, and glue them, and when the edges lift, you remove them altogether, with the possibility of damaging your natural lashes.

Tiring as it may seem, this is the morning routine of many women. If you want to say goodbye to these habits, Colorado Lash Company has the answer to your problem.

Our experienced, lash artists are here to help you get rid of that tiresome morning routine.  All you have to do is spend an hour at our boutique every 2 or 3 weeks, and you can get longer, fuller lashes while you enjoy a little nap. We also offer brow services at rates you can afford.

 We personally consult with each client to determine the right style and shape for them. 

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